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Lip Blush

lip blushing, a type of semi-permanent makeup that adds a wash of colour to your lips and helps define your lip shape for years. Think: natural-looking lipstick 24/7, but without the mess—so, you know, my dream.

Benefits of Lip Blush

Wake up looking fresh with no stains on your pillowcase!


This subtle treatment makes your lips looking fresher. it corrects lip symmetry and loss of definition without changing your natural look

Appointment Information

Before Appointment

Your appointment will not be carried out unless you have had a consultation/skin test prior to your appointment. Avoid any blood thinning medication for a minimum of 72 hours prior to their appointment. This includes Vitamin E, Aspirin and ibuprofen as they are natural blood thinners.


Do not drink any alcohol 24 hours before and limit the amount of caffeine you consume.  This will affect the colour deposit and may make you more prone to sensitivity and/or cause more bleeding.


If you have been on Accutane in the past, you must wait at least one year before considering this procedure.


It is highly recommended that you avoid intense sun exposure and tanning bed exposure for 20 days before and after your procedure. If you show up to your appointment with a new tan or sunburn, you will need to reschedule.


Avoid getting any type of facial peel at least one week prior.


You may want to shower ahead of time because you will need to avoid getting lips wet and over hydrated after the appointment.


We will also be sending you an email with online forms that you would need to complete so that you come ready to your appoint.

we would highly recommend getting aciclovir tablets (Cold Sore treatment) from your pharmacist or GP prior to your appointment and start taking them 48hrs prior to your appointment and continue for 7days.

On Your Appointment

On the day of the procedure we will ask you to complete one more form to finalise.


We start with cleaning the lips and take a before photo/video.


We start by carefully mapping the lips. The mapping process is tend to follow your own natural lip shape.


Once we have drew a shape (border) we will check you are happy with this before we go ahead.


Then it’s time to discuss the colour selection for you to make sure it’s the most suitable pigment colour to your lips as well as what you would like. Then we are ready to start.


Once treatment is finished, I will take after pictures as well as run through Aftercare once again and booking your retouch appointment.


Days 1 - every 4 hours wipe your new SPMU with cool boiled water and then use a rice grain size amount of healing balm.

Days 2-7 - Morning & Night ONLY apply a rice grain sized amount of healing balm
Keep your new SPMU as dry as possible until the scabs fall off (around 7-10 days)


SAY NO TO:- Hot Baths, Saunas, Swimming, Excessive Sweating (sorry no gym for 7 days), Waxing/ Threading, Sunbeds/Sunbathing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What medical conditions would prohibit

me from receiving Lip Blush treatment?

If your skin keloids when you scar, Semi permanent make up  (SPMU) is not for you. If you have a tendency to get blisters or cold sores on your face then it is recommended that you take precautions before having your treatment and treatment area must be clear at the time. semi permanent make up cannot be done when an active cold sore is present.

Unfortunately, semi permanent make up should not be performed on individuals who are pregnant, diabetic or if you have cardiac valve disease. People with certain allergies (especially if you are allergic to alcohol or heavy metals) should be very apprehensive about having this procedure performed. If you are going through Chemotherapy a doctor’s note is required before treatment.

Will SPMU hurt?

We know that the idea of SPMU may cause stress, nervousness or anxiety with some people. If you’ve had a tattoo and it was painful then this procedure will not be the same experience. The reason for this is because a tattoo goes MUCH deeper into the skin and is supposed to be permanent, whilst SPMU is semi-permanent and only goes a fraction of the depth. Numbing cream is used before your technician begins the process and if you require further numbing during the treatment it can be applied.


How long will my result last?

Everyone’s skin will hold the colour differently, and depending on which area of your face has been done then that is also different. Depending on your skin type and your aftercare SPMU can last from 6 months to 3yrs. Colour Boost treatments are advised to keep your result fresh.


Can I have microblading if I’ve recently had Botox?

Yes, but it is recommended that you get microbladed before you have your botox treatment. If you have already had Botox, please wait 2-3 weeks after to get your brows microbladed.


I’m pregnant or breast feeding, can I get my brows microbladed?

No, unfortunately you shouldn’t have microblading as there is a risk of infection that could be passed on to your baby, technician at Vis a Vis Skin Clinic will refuse any client at this stage.

How long before I can go out in public with my SPMU?

Immediately, it is normal to experience a mild amount of redness or swelling. It’s usually gone within a few hours after your appointment.

What will my brows look like after?

Immediately following your appointment, your eyebrows will appear to have crisp new hairs. Redness is normal immediately after the appointment and will fade within a few days. As you heal, the crisp lines lightly blur into slightly thicker lines. They also appear darker in the beginning and gradually fade in the first few weeks after healing. Hair strokes fade approximately 10-30% after they heal.

What can I expect after receiving a treatment?

In the few days following your treatment, you may experience tightness and itching, which is normal. Your skin is going through a natural healing process please DO NOT SCRATCH/ TOUCH. The hair strokes are very fine and can rub off easily. When you scratch or rub, you risk the chance of rubbing off the pigment. Your brows WILL look darker during the first 2 weeks, if you are prepared for this then we promise you won’t suffer any anxiety. This will be fully explained during your consultation.

Why do I need a second appointment?

A follow-up appointment is required for the finishing touches and colour adjustment. It finalises the shape of your brow and fixes any strokes that didn’t heal well. Pigment heals differently for everyone, and this second appointment allows you to boost your colour and for your technician to check the healing and shape have both developed well. Your treatment has not been completed until you have had your second brow appointment. Plus we love to see you and our work once your brows have healed fully.

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